8 Best Places to Visit while you’re in Scotland

Magical Islands

Planning on visiting the land of legends, beautiful coastlines, and lake monsters? You might not want to go back!

Scotland has always been known for its unique beauty, captivating landscapes, and of course fairy tale castles. It would be hard to deny most of the places you’ll see look like they’re right out of a storybook.

Through this blog, we share a bucket list of places you must visit when in Scotland. So, let’s dive right in!

Edinburgh for its Rich History

If you’re visiting Holiday Park Scotland and have the time to visit at least one place, this is the one. Edinburgh is a place rich in preserved architecture, shops, galleries, and cafes. All year round thousands of people flock from all over the world to experience this region’s history through medieval buildings and culture and art festivals. Moreover, the best part about visiting Edinburgh is most of the historical destinations are within easy walking distance. So, maybe grab a bicycle or walk through the city to experience what life was like back in 16th and 17th centuries.

St. Andrews for the Museums and Art Galleries

Although famous for its golf destination, St Andrews has so much more to explore while you’re there. Its spectacular scenery, rugged mountains, and beautiful coastlines are as much appealing as any other place. There are plenty of fun things to do but most importantly offer a keen experience for any golfers visiting the city. Therefore, while you’re visiting this historic place, missing out on traditional buildings, medieval streets, and artwork will not be an option.

The Loch Ness for the Dramatic Scenery

We know most visitors come for the Loch Ness Monster but stay for the scenic beauty of the lake. This beautiful lake located near Inverness is everything if you’re seeking a landscape with castles, adventure sports, and a place to relax. Perhaps take a boat trip through the lake or stroll along the lake, there’s so much this place has to offer.

The Hebrides for the Magical Islands

The Hebrides is known for some of the best beach locations in Europe and this place are ideal for those seeking a remarkable outdoor experience. If you visit this place, you’re definitely having some fun on the beach or exploring the rich history. By visiting the Black horses, Carloway Broch or just gazing at the blue waters, you’re going to love it here. The great outdoors, seafood, whisky, and wildlife are going to be the star of the show.

Inverness for the Cosmopolitan Experience

Inverness has really got all the elements for an extraordinary city break. With flourishing art exhibitions, Victorian market places, and old stone buildings, there’s much this place has to offer. If you want to take a walk through this memorable city or Sstroll the banks of the river Ness, the city offers something for everyone. But while you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Inverness Castle or drop by the St Andrew’s Cathedral to say a little prayer.

Dundee for Modernism

Another of our favorite cities across Scotland would be the Dundee. There are lots of holiday park Scotland, but Home to modern architecture, museums, dynamic advancements, and this city is a medieval and contemporary cocktail. Moreover, it can be also called the city of science and culture. In fact, one of the greatest things about Dundee is everything you look for is relatively close and can be visited without too much travel.

Aberdeen for the Green Spaces

Also nicknamed the “Silver City”, Aberdeen is a must-visit on your travel list. The city is home to several medieval architectures, merchant buildings, and most notably its pleasant parks and gardens. Here you can wander in one of the biggest indoor gardens, explore exotic plants or different species. You name it and you’ll find it. Moreover, you’ll find plenty of beaches within a few miles, if you want to have a quick dip on the beach or soak the sun.

Isle of Skye for its Scottish Charm

Speak of islands and beaches, how can we miss the Isle of Skye. This island being part of the Hebrides in the northwest and 80kms in length, this island is a paradise for nature lovers. Moreover, thanks to the island’s extensive trail networks, hikers and hill walkers find it a great place for witnessing wildlife, seabirds, and spectacular views. We highly recommend you visit this beautiful island in all its glory.

All set for a visit to Scotland?  

Scotland is a land of wonders, magic, and mystery. Moreover, it really does offer something for everyone. We know picking out a single destination can be a little tough when you have so many great options to go with. Therefore, we hope this list of our top destinations can help you decide your next trip. 

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