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There are many delicious cuisines present in the world. Whenever we go to any hotel, we only want some tasty kind of cuisine. There are many beautiful places in the world whose foods are famous and Dubai is one of them. In addition to the economy of Dubai when it comes to dinning cuisine then we have to say it is extraordinarily delicious. Most of the travelers and tourists especially go to Dubai to taste the cuisine. Almost every kind of hotel is available in Dubai ranging from stall to multinational one. If you want to go to Dubai then you can book Airblue Ticket Price. We are going to discuss some restaurants in Dubai in our article.


This is a Palestinian kind of restaurant and its name is Zaroob. This restaurant offers Arabic cuisine. They also have a garden region for the eaters. You can choose whatever you like the most. Most of the eaters allow a piping hot falafel; savor mana’oushe morsel and consuming a father among the Arabian dishes. All of this can happen if you are living near Dubai International Financial Centers. There are many art galleries located in this region and you can easily stroll across them. See the works of different architects whose works have been displayed in different art galleries. You should praise them.

Dhow Cruises:

You can have dinner on Dubai Dhow Cruise or Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek. If you like dinner in the buffet-style then this is the perfect place for you. Many of the boats have entertainment for the children. You can eat dinner while the skyline of Dubai will be in your back. There are many popular cruises and they are just made for you. You can do full traveling and tourism on them. Some of the best cruises are available Bateaux and Rustar Cruises are very well known names for enjoying the excellent kind of food and also tourism across the Dubai Creek.

 Bu Qtair Café:

If you are the lover of the seafood then you are probably at the right choice because the seafood is the specialty of this restaurant and you would enjoy eating the mouth-watering cuisine. It is an Indian style restaurant. It is located near Jumeriah Fishing Harbor. You can order whatever dish you want like fried fish and BBQ shrimp. Burj-Arab is also located at Sunset Beach. After eating the food from this restaurant, you would head over to the Burj Arab. Take some pictures there.

Tom And Serg:

Tom and Serg are famous for the coffee which they are selling in the emerging district of Al- Quoz. There are simple meals and tasty salads. There is a play area for the kids. You can go to this restaurant in the morning and in the evening you have the free time to doing the tourism of Alserkal Avenue, where you can catch the exhibition in the hanger style galleries. Take a look at different galleries; See how lucky you saw those galleries. You will be admiring the work of those artists which are displayed in the art collection.

Din Tai Fung:

This restaurant chain is located in the Mall of the Emirates. With those favorite lovers of dumplings worldwide, we recommend that you should go to this best kind of Chinese restaurant. There are Taiwanese cuisines easily available. You can order hearty versions of noodles, xiao long ban and simply vegetable cuisine that have got the highest admiration from the locals.

Calicut Paragon:

This is another Indian style restaurant. Delicious kinds of cuisine attract the attention of foreigners. Might it be spinach pakoras or cheese stuff mushrooms; these are the side orders. Seafood is also available and it can be available in a large quantity at the hotel. There are different cuisines available in this restaurant and you can easily select any of them for perfect eating. Some of the cuisines are related to the fruits.

Ravi Restaurant:

This is a Pakistani based restaurant based in Dubai. It is located on popular Satwa Street. Al-Satwa Street attracts travelers and tourists from all occupations of life. Everything on the menu of this restaurant is also delicious. You can order whatever you want while being at the Ravi Restaurant. We suggest that you must order tasty mutton chops and delicious chicken Mughlai. Eat all of this with bread so that you have an authentic experience at a better price. Most of the Pakistanis who have bought Karachi To Dubai Ticket Price have traveled to Dubai and have settled there. Most of them have opened their businesses and many of them are relating to the food. Pakistani cuisines in Dubai are very delicious.

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