Easy Christmas Ideas for a Hosting Mom


Modern life is hectic enough for the busy mom. When the holidays come around, life can feel ten times as hectic, especially when the holiday season involves hosting family and friends. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways in which you can prepare for the holidays and keep your guests entertained and happy throughout even the longest holiday visits. To help gather everything you need for this hosting extravaganza, it can help to explore your retail options for stocking up on Christmas supplies, including bypassing traditional vendors and searching for all of your hosting supplies and other holiday items on eBay or amazon.

Prepping for a Tree Trimming Party

Having your guests gather for a Tree Trimming party is one of the easiest and most low-maintenance ways to entertain people during the holidays. To prep for this holiday tradition, you want your tree to be already up and ready to go. If you have yet to select a tree for the holidays, getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types out there can help you choose the right one.

Tree Type Description Advantages Disadvantages
Artificial Plastic tree
Typically comes in sections that link together
Lasts for years
Can come pre-strung with lights
Requires storage
Live or Fresh Cut Pine tree cut just before holiday season True Christmas tree look
Owner can reintroduce into environment
Can dry or wilt quickly
Potted Tree Live tree Owner can replant after holidays Requires specific care and environment

If the tree you select does not have pre-strung lights, make sure that they are up on the tree before the tree trimming. To prepare the ornaments for your guests, find a wicker basket for each guest and decorate them with Christmas-themed ribbons, then fill each with a handful of ornaments. Make them a mixed batch and have each guest work on a particular section of the tree so that you get the best dispersal of ornaments.

Marshmallow Lollipops

Whether preparing for your tree trimming or for Christmas Day itself, you always want to have fun and tasty snacks on hand. Easy items to serve up to your holiday friends and family include marshmallow lollipops. To prepare these yummy Christmas snacks, all you need are a bag of marshmallows, some caramel, shredded coconut, and pretzel sticks. Insert a pretzel stick into the end of a marshmallow. Dip the opposite end of the marshmallow into the caramel so that caramel covers about a quarter of the marshmallow. Then dip the caramel section of the marshmallow into the shredded coconut. Place these festive treats out on a serving tray and you have a great dessert and snack option for your guests.

Setting Up Holiday Crafts

A great way to keep your guests occupied, especially if they are little ones, is to set up a holiday crafting area in your home. Stock up beforehand on an array of craft supplies, including cardstock, glitter glue, acrylic paints, and construction paper. Set out all of these items on a table in one of the central areas of your home and allow guests to stop by and work on crafts at their leisure. They can put together anything from decorative snowmen and reindeer to use as Christmas decorations to garlands made from loops of construction paper.

Christmas Cookie Baking

Another fun way to keep guests occupied and satisfied is to loop some of them in on Christmas cookie baking. Christmas cookies never need to be too complex. Look for a sugar cookie recipe from your favorite baking recipe book and find a set of Christmas-themed cookie cutters, as well as cookie decorations such as colored sugar and frosting. Prep the dough and let your guests have at it, cutting out fun cookie shapes and decorating them to their heart’s content. Once the cookies come out of the oven, make sure you have some Christmas tins on hand that you can use to pack up cookies for your guests before they go.

How to Buy Christmas Supplies on eBay

Any hosting mom can find everything she needs for an entertaining and flawless Christmas on eBay and amazon. To start out, find the search bar, which is available on any page on the site. Enter a term that describes an item you need, then review the items on the resulting list to find your best bet. With the diverse range of options on eBay, you can find anything you need for anything from cookie baking to tree trimming. Hosting a large group or family for the holidays does not need to be a nightmare. With a few fun ideas and the right supplies, you can host a holiday that leaves everyone feeling full, entertained, and flush with the holiday spirit.

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