How To Choose A Birthday Present For Your Mother-In-Law


Every girl (woman) at least once in her life has to decide the question of choosing a gift for her mother-in-law’s birthday. After marriage, the husband’s mother becomes a full member of the family, and therefore requires attention. An adequately chosen birthday gift will help to establish relationships and smooth out some conflict situations. The article will tell you about some tricks regarding the choice of a gift for your beloved mother-in-law.

A birthday present for a husband`s mother must be carefully chosen to match the age and hobbies of the birthday girl. Before you go to the store, remember what kind of hobby mother-in-law has. If she likes to cook, then you can present modern kitchen appliances to the woman. The perfect solution, in this case, would be a blender, waffle iron or bread maker. Mother-in-law will surely like a set for making fondue or sushi. Besides, a woman will appreciate the gift in the form of service sets, decorative plates and dishes, vases for desserts. Husband`s mom loves to do needlework? In this case, she can donate kits for hand embroidery, knitting or weaving macramé. A good option for a needlewoman is a modern sewing machine, high-quality accessories or a collection of current patterns. If your mother-in-law knits, give her quality wool for her birthday or a whole set for knitting (with yarn, knitting patterns and a set of knitting needles (hooks)). You can see the original collection for creativity (painting on ceramics, glass or fabric).

A homemaker

There are women for whom the creation of home comfort is much more important than any other work. A warm blanket or tapestry bedspread will be a good gift for a homemaker. If your mother-in-law prefers to decorate the interior of rooms independently, you can give her a beautiful picture or a beautiful statuette. So that a woman can spend her leisure time with interest, get her a modern TV, a camera, a book of a contemporary author or a tablet. If the mother-in-law is keen on country affairs, choose her a suitable subject. For lovers of summerhouses, you can look at special tools. The birthday girl will probably like a comfortable chaise lounge or rocking chair. Having established them at the lattice, she will be able to relax in the evenings in the open air, completing her labors in the garden beds.

A businesswoman

If she has her own business, she has built a successful career, and she needs a serious enough gift. In this case, you need to choose expensive gifts that can emphasize the image of a businessperson. The best option would be gold jewelry. You can also select a folder for documents or a business card case made of genuine leather. Look at decorative objects to decorate the office space or purchase expensive watches from a reputable manufacturer. To decorate the office of a business lady, you can hand over a picture painted with precious stones to the in-law. A good option is a picture with LEDs. Such a gift will delight the birthday girl, both in daylight and at night.

Gift and age

 When choosing a good present for a husband’s mother, be guided primarily by the woman’s age. If your mother-in-law is a young woman, you will please her by receiving a thing for her birthday that can emphasize her beauty. The most suitable option would be perfume or cosmetics from reputable manufacturers. This gift is very individual, so it is advisable to clarify what kind of scent the husband’s mother uses. If the woman’s age is stable enough, then beautiful indoor flowers, planted in stylish pots, will serve as a present. Get her a subscription to attend aerobics classes or swimming. Another excellent presentation option is a subscription to a massage room. Also, the woman will be pleased to get a birthday ticket for a holiday at the resort. An original and pleasant surprise for the birthday of the husband’s mother will be a portrait with her image. Take care of this option in advance by selecting the most beautiful and memorable photo and giving it to the portrait painter.

Who your mother-in-law is for you

If you do not communicate with the mother of your husband close enough, it would be advisable to give neutral items related to some hobbies. For example, original decorative figurines, floor vases or a set of tea accessories will perfectly fit into the interior of the house.

If you are in a close relationship with your husband’s mom, you can get something for her from the category of “personal nature.” It can be expensive perfume, jewelry with precious stones or cosmetics of famous brands.

It happens that the mother-in-law for a married woman is a stranger and a distant person. In this case, the gift should be universal, not having any personal hints. For this case, suitable expensive chocolate or a set of fancy chocolates. You can buy a mother-in-law a book of her favorite author (check this information with your husband).

A mother-in-law can be a very dear and close person for a girl (like a mother). In this case, the surprise for the anniversary or birthday you need to pick up expensive. Perhaps, the husband’s mom still does not have any household appliances, and you have the opportunity to buy it. An excellent presentation will be gold or silver jewelry. If you want to give something original, then better make a surprise with your own hands. Make beautiful beadwork or decorative embroidery on a napkin in advance. You will put a piece of your soul in such a gift, so the mother-in-law will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts. Nowadays craftsmanship called decoupage is very popular. Make an original souvenir using this technique. In the style of decoupage, you can make a napkin or cup, dinner set or pieces of furniture. Mother-in-law will surely enjoy a chic gift made by your hands.

If you want to give your husband’s mother an aesthetic pleasure, then there is nothing better than a theater, cinema or an original exhibition ticket presented for your birthday. Pre-ask your husband about what kind of music his mom likes. Perhaps she would want a card to the conservatory or the opera house. An excellent choice would be a promotional coupon with a discount at a cosmetic store. Such a gift will allow a woman to choose precisely the cosmetics she had long dreamed about and purchase it at the lowest cost. Ask your husband what colors his mom likes. You may be able to find beautiful curtains of this color or pot holders for hot dishes. You can choose colorful decorative pillows for the sofa in the living room. Decide in advance, with what words you will give a surprise to the mother-in-law. She will be pleased to receive congratulations and wishes from you, rather than reading them in a postcard.

Bad ideas for presents

You do not need to choose too expensive things for a mother-in-law’s gift, but you should not save money on it. There is a category of presents that you should not give for the holiday. These unsuccessful presents include gowns, underwear, nightgowns. Such items belong to the group of personal issues that a woman always acquires herself. It is not necessary to present to the mother-in-law kitchen items also as a gift: pots, pans, other household items, which are too commonplace for a gift. The unfortunate idea of ​​a gift for the mother-in-law to give attributes of extreme sports – rollers, skis or skates is individual things.

It is also unacceptable to present medical devices with medicines on her birthday. If your mother-in-law has health problems, such a gift will cast dark thoughts only.

How to present a gift to your beloved mother-in-law

Smile when giving a present to your mother-in-law for a birthday. It is advisable to complement the main gift with a beautiful bouquet that your second mother loves. It is okay if a colorful postcard completes your surprise with wishes written personally.

Anniversary is…

…a special holiday that requires high quality and expensive gift. What to give as a gift for the anniversary of your mother-in-law? To resolve this issue, you can ask your husband for help or father-in-law. As a rule, the budget for the purchase of gifts for the anniversary is more significant so that you can look for a new kitchen processor or vacuum cleaner for the mother-in-law, a beautiful wall mirror or a wool carpet for the bedroom. Perhaps, the husband’s mother wants to get a discount coupon for the purchase of underwear or a promotional card to the store of fashion perfumes and cosmetics. Alternatively, ask her to choose a good microwave model in the catalog and then purchase it as a gift.

If you choose the present right, it is going to become a real surprise for a birthday-girl, put in a good mood and make it to where she will enjoy the day.

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