Losses to Australia due to labor shortages

In the past, it was common for employers to compensate for the lack of manpower they needed – in the short or long term – by hiring migrant workers, but following the outbreak of Covid-19 and the closure of Australia’s international borders, this window of hope has also been blinded. …

Now that Covid-19 has subsided, Australia’s economic growth train is moving at a faster pace, and the unemployment rate has also taken a downward trend. In case of stabilization and continuation of this trend, employers should offer more salaries and benefits to workers in order to surpass their competitors in attracting the labor force.

The massive labor shortage in Australia has hindered the country’s economic recovery. Some employers in the area are willing to do whatever it takes to hire people, even in low-skilled positions.

Radio France, part of its reporter’s report in Australia, previously indicated that the owner of the Italian mansion AN on the coast of Australia is ready to try to do something to attract labor as the summer season approaches in the hemisphere. He says he needs to hire 150 people right away and is even willing to give them a $4,500 hiring bonus.

It comes because the Australian Council of Trade Unions has joined to necessitate a rise within the foreign labor cap to assist address widespread labor shortages, a haul that has caught the eye of businesses and the government.

Our immigration and skills system is broken

Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michelle playwright said: “Our immigration and skills system is broken. This has light-emitting diode to the widespread exploitation of temporary migrant employees and therefore the neglect and deterioration of our skills coaching system.”

She added that they support a visa system that prioritizes permanent immigration and supports the expansion of permanent immigration. The Australian government has funded 20,000 more university positions, citing the fact that 90% of new jobs will require tertiary education in the next five years.

With Australia exiting the red standing of the Corona epidemic, the country’s percentage has reached its lowest rate since 1974, i.e. only 3.5%.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report revealed at the end of June, the quantity of job vacancies has currently reached 480,100, which is slightly but the number of people who are officially unemployed. Because of this, Australia has a labor shortage.

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What do you know about Australia?

The name of the country of Australia is derived from the phrase Terra Australis Incognita, which means “that unknown land of the south”. The natives of Australia have been living in this country for more than 65,000 years, but apparently, they were not very interested in discovering other civilizations and they discovered more than they discovered. For the first time, about 42 thousand years ago, a group of South Asian hunter-gatherers came to Australia to find food and hunt animals.

After them and in the first millennium AD, the feet of Indians also opened to Australia. After them, it was the turn of Chinese merchants to reach Australia with very large fishing boats. The Europeans finally discovered Australia in 1606 and it was the Dutch who gradually observed and recorded most of the northern and western regions of Australia.

Australia became a British colony in 1788, but in 1900, by order of Queen Victoria, Australia was granted political independence by law, and since then Australia has been a Commonwealth territory or a territory with an independent government but among the countries under British protection. Income.

Getting to know the geographical location and climate and weather conditions of Australia

It should be said about Australia, with an area of ​​about 7.6 square kilometers, is the sixth largest country in the world. Australia is mostly dry and flat land, and there are not very high mountain ranges only in the west and east. Oceania is located alone in the southern hemisphere of the globe and has no land border with any country.

This continent is surrounded from the east by the Pacific Ocean, from the south by the Southern Frozen Ocean, from the west by the Indian Ocean, and from the north by several seas and bays such as the Timor and Arafo seas.

Due to its large size, Australia’s climate is different everywhere and is greatly affected by ocean currents. Northern Australia has a tropical climate; In the southwest, the climate is Mediterranean, and in the southeast, the climate is oceanic and subtropical.

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