Why you should gift a boring Gift Card to a pregnant friend next time instead of a thoughtfully chosen gift!


A close friend is having a baby shower or a baby announcement party, and you’re going. Obviously you have to get her (or more accurately, the baby) something. And something nice. But the problem is, you don’t have a baby yourself and you have no idea what babies like and use!

So depending on the amount of time you have, you either go to an online or a physical store in the hope of finding the perfect gift. You see soft blankets, lovely thin swaddles, tiny onsies and rattles in all colours of the rainbow. The lady at the store talks enthusiastically about how useful all of these are to a young mum, and in your ignorance you choose to believe her and pay a lot of money for a bundle of gifts for the little bundle of joy.

Now, little do you know, that your time and money was spent in vain. The mother, when she opens the presents, will find 8 baby muslin blankets – all from the same two or three brands, 5 sets of organic cotton baby swaddles, and countless little baby chewy toys meant to but failing miserably to entertain a newborn. Inevitably despite the love and effort you put into the gift, it will end up in a special place in her house called the “re-gifting” cupboard, a cupboard invented by people fed up with gifts they won’t use, in the hope to gift them to another person soon!

You see where I’m going with this right? It’s an endless loop of despair, waste of time and money, and pointlessness.

Enter the Gift Card. A little piece of paper (or nowadays, an email) from a favorite store, brand or website that gives one the choice to purchase anything they like from that store! They can either choose to stay within the amount and redeem it or add their own money to it and buy whatever they like! Diapers, baby bottles, bottle sterilizer, storage boxes for the nursery or any other baby requirement that you would have never thought of gifting them, but they so desperately need! Now that is perfection. That is money well spent and a gift well received!

Smart Gifting. Happy People.


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